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You can also head for La Candelaria to mingle with the local students, bohemians and artists but be careful there at night.Once in the area, head to Quiebra Canto for a bit of salsa or a proper party on Wednesdays For live music, 6L6 offers a good mix of rock, jazz and groove from Thursday to Saturday.

The urban centres are mostly located in the highlands of the Andes mountains.Spanning out from the massive Plaza Bolivar, where the national congress, city hall, and judiciary seat are located, Bogota's historic district is a colorful jumble of architectural styles dating back to the 1500s.Stop by the Escuela de Artes y Oficios Santo Domingo, an art school teaching traditional craftsmanship technique, which is housed in a series of impeccably restored colonial mansions.The Italian restaurant is a short walk from Zona T, the city’s posh shopping district, and the perfect place to indulge in a typically long and leisurely Bogota lunch—glass of rosé included.Work up your appetite for gnocchi and perfectly roasted chicken with some serious cardio (aka shopping) around the neighborhood first.

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