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Finally there is some good news for HTC Dream G1 owners who were looking to Install Android 2.2 Froyo on their handsets.

A stable and reliable Froyo build is now available for rooted HTC Dream G1 based on Cyanogen MOD 6.

The one-click root method encouraged plenty of novice Android users to embrace the more advanced features of Android.

Thankfully, updating the Cyanogen Mod is just as easy.

Now, let’s get down to the shebang about the Android platform and upgrading an Android OS.

Android in English language refers to a robot with a human appearance.

Before we go any further, you will need to root your phone for this to work. accepts absolutely no responsibility if problems arise from rooting your phone; you root at your own risk.

If you used the one-click root method, you probably have Cyanogen’s version of Android.

It’s a great build with some amazing features, including some from Donut, and it’s updated often thanks to the CM app.

Similar to "jailbreaking" an i OS device, this is often done in order to bypass carrier or handset-maker limitations or restrictions.

Once you achieve "root access," you can replace or alter applications and system settings, run specialized apps, and more.

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