90 day rule dating

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It's not as taboo as it use to be when we were all younger.Heck, some of our parents never even gave us the sex talk.Do it when you are ready– not when the calendar tells you to.No, I wouldn’t be with a man who waited 90 days to spend money on me.90 days have passed, and he still dogs a woman out afterward.

The best advice for a female is to feel out the person, not literally, and see how it goes.In relationships, some compare the 90-day rule to a sexual probationary period similar to that of a new job position.The thought behind it is that when one waits 90 days before having sex, you will begin to see the real person you’re dating instead of their “representative.” Media man Steve Harvey certainly believes in a woman waiting for 90 days for sex, as stated in his book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” However, some men have retaliated on social media with memes such as this one: rules are really pointless.What I’ve noticed is that most women that read the book seem to always talk about the “90 day rule” and implement it into their dating routine.If you’re not familiar with the 90 day rule, it was a recommendation made in this book that suggests that women should wait 90 days before becoming sexually intimate with a man she is dating or involved with.

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